[obscure manifesto, kosmic/ceremonial electronics, suspenseful monologia]

i am the brood of my own actions.

i am the metaphor of my own demons.

i am the birth of my very own rejections.

i am the processed image of my own mirrors.

i am the masterpiece of my own everyday life.

i am the result of my own surroundings.

i am the prophet of my own system.

i am the poet of my dreams.

i am a victim of my own slave economy.

i am my own stockholm syndrome.

i am the fluid version of my own self.

i am the best drug i can get.

i am my very own breakups.

i am a left behind in my own paradise.

i am the sweet orgasm in my own sexual fantasies.

i am my own desires.

i am the lack of hugs in my own childhood.

i am the accountability of my decisions.

i am the fruit of my own joy.

i am my own paranoia.

i am my own cum.

i am the insecurity of my own loveaffairs.

i am the love of my of my life.

i am my own guidelines.

i am my own borders.

i am my very own ethics.

i am the light in my own darkness.

me, burning in the center of our burning garden.

me, burning in front of our tiny house -
burning down to the ground.

the small town i'm from is
burning down to the ground.

the fences and walls are burning.
the roofs are burning
and the cars - burning.

the mothers and daughters with their babies - burning.

fathers, their sons and the grandsons are burning in front of
their burning mothers and grandmothers.

an intergenerational burn.